GIP 4 Telecommunications

Platform dedicated to Communications Management

Constant monitoring of communications networks, in order to detect and/or prevent faults and errors, optimization of load-related network bandwidths, understanding of customers and subscribers’ needs, location specifics and preferences, prevention of network congestion and security threats…


Network and communications management has never been such a challenge. Real time and/or right time reaction and resources are paramount.

Systems and teams are flooded with huge amounts of heterogeneous data that need to be aggregated, made significant and relevant in order to derive valuable insights and sound decision.


The quicker an organization can handle the situations and act on them, the quicker they can take benefit of revenue opportunities, improve network reliability, prevent malicious hacking attacks or optimize call centre activities.


To succeed, an organization must be able to rely on a solution that can tackle and analyze the huge diversity and volumes of real time streaming data, while minimizing coding and interfacing jobs, proprietary development and maintenance overload.


Oscars’ Geolocation Intelligent Platform (GIP) for Telecommunications offers all the features and potential, including real time location-based spatial analysis, real time pattern recognition and machine learning-based probability scoring, needed to solve the problems inherent to communications network monitoring and management.


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