GIP 4 Shipping

Platform dedicated to Shipping and Port Management

Ports and sea routes are perfect examples of overflowing hives of activity. Management has become a process and technology headache. Whether it is to keep a constant eye on moving vessels, to optimize shipping routes, to orchestrate loading and unloading of sea monsters or an army of smaller ships, to make operations more efficient, or to identify illegal cargo, port operators must rely on systems and solutions able to interoperate, exchange information, track and analyze real time as well as operational data coming from a huge variety of sources.


As is the case with other sectors, shipping and port management has been forced, for a long time, to rely on old-days solutions, conventional database technologies, rigid or overly complex infrastructures which were designed many years ago but have become inefficient in processing the diversity and volume of constantly streaming data, in all shapes and forms.


Oscars comes to the rescue with an Oracle-based solution, designed for today’s challenges.

Oscars’ Geolocation Intelligent Platform for Shipping provides a solid core foundation of Oracle management tools and unique streaming analytical capabilities that can provide shipping companies and port operators a solution for the future. Ability to cross-reference, interface and mix various types of data (geo-located, operational or contextual, batch or real time), location-based spatial analysis, real time pattern recognition, machine learning-based probability scoring are just a few examples of what GIP for Shipping can handle.


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