GIP 4 Retail

Platform dedicated to Shopping Experience Management

Today’s retail wouldn’t be conceivable without its real time dimension. Mobile, instant and always-on habits, pervasive geolocation technologies and processes, constant monitoring of stock inventory to ensure shelves are filled at the right time with the right items…

Data and information are the new oil, the key ingredients for improved revenue and competitiveness, for customer retention and engagement, for valuable instant purchase recommendations. And all those information points and contents are streaming endlessly from a wide and heterogenous number of end-points.


To optimize the shopping experience, understand shoppers preferences, habits and expectations, increase revenue on promotions, eliminate theft, reduce costs, a company needs to be real time (re)active, to handle the situations on the spot, to interpret them correctly and act on them quickly and efficiently.


Traditional database technologies and infrastructures, whether on site or in the cloud, were not designed to process the diversity of data and volume which are now streaming beyond human grasping ability. 

Custom code proprietary solutions offered some sort of relief but not a valid solution. They require armies of skilled architects and developers, continuous upgrade and maintenance.


Oscars’ GIP for Retail embodies in the best possible manner one of the major recent technology advancements: commercial streaming analytics. It offers the foundational technological layer that can solve retail problems: instantaneous services such as location-based spatial analysis, real time pattern recognition, machine learning probability scoring and much more. With, in most cases, zero coding development and simplistic maintenance.


By handling and combining various types of data (geo-located, operational or contextual, batch or real time), GIP for Retail complements existing solutions in order to enhance the available information and facilitate the decision-making process.


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