GIP 4 People

Platform dedicated to Human Lifestyle Management

Our daily life has become our instant life. Whether at the office, on the road, at home, while socializing with friends or family “in the real life” or online, we’ve become the “always-connected human species”.


Real time - or even its more valuable sidekick “right-time” - has become the new normal. Whether it is about constantly monitoring our social media feeds, reacting to transient information that appears in front of us but will disappear in a few seconds, being in a public transport vehicle in a specific area of interest for a few minutes… we’re surrounded by a swirling sea of information of all sorts, streaming constantly from countless end-points. 


Human capacity to master those real time streams is put to the test. Fortunately, high-tech solutions come to the rescue. Oscars’ GIP (Geolocation Intelligent Platform) for People is one of them.


Streaming analytics, real time event processing, location- and pattern-based monitoring and analysis, machine learning and prediction capacity, geofencing… the platform helps solve everyday life problems and challenges.

The combination of geo-located, operational or contextual, batch or real time data coming from various traditionally siloed sources allows GIP for People to complement and enrich existing solutions with which it interfaces seamlessly. Decision-making is therefore made more efficient and relevant.


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