GIP 4 Logistics

Platform dedicated to Transportation and Logistical Management

Transportation is a tougher challenge than ever: exploding volumes and congestion, speed pressure, acute competition, environmental constraints and expectations… Today’s efficiency of a logistics and/or transportation process is defined and measured thanks to a series of real time parameters. Every task, operation, step, stakeholder, event or moment needs to be documented, evaluated, integrated into a smooth and optimized chain.

Real time is king. Whether we are talking vehicle fleets, trucks, airline, railway or sea freight, autonomous vehicles or end-points.

The quicker companies can handle, interpret and act on a situation, the quicker they can take advantage of revenue opportunities, improve their interactions or avoid serious escalations.


Technology comes to the rescue. Streaming Analytics is one of the more recent innovative solutions at hand.


Oscars Geolocation Intelligent Platform (GIP) for Logistics provides logistics companies with a solution built for the future. Thanks to its unique Oracle-based capabilities, supplemented by Oscars’ own value-add functionalities, our GIP platform is able to improve and optimize your infrastructure and processes.

But it goes further than that: GIP for Logistics handles and combines all sorts of information, coming from various, usually siloed, sources: geo-located, operational or contextual, batch or real time, logs… 


GIP for Logistics provides real time event processing, location-based transient movement monitoring and analysis, operations prediction and management, location-based geostreaming and geofencing, without any proprietary scripting.


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