GIP 4 Energy

Platform dedicated to Utilities Management

In the world of Energy, Oil and Gas Mining, all processes, decisions, events, actions are now being monitored, analyzed and managed in real time.

Whatever the task at hand - constant monitoring of the electricity network to provide essential demand/response solutions, understanding of the ever-changing environmental conditions that can affect your customers, processing of data coming from next generation power windmills and solar farms, monitoring pipeline pressure containment threats, or management of instantaneous operational situations occurring in nuclear power plants -, information is being generated from an increasing diversity of systems, sensors and end-points.


Reaction speed and decision accuracy are of the utmost importance to avoid energy downtime, to balance the network load, to predict or anticipate the fluctuating demand, to increase efficiency of power generation, whether traditional of user generated, and, if need be, to avoid catastrophic and life-threatening situations.


All this wouldn’t possible without the power and accuracy of streaming analytics. Old-days infrastructures, databases and software solutions were not made to address those types of volume-heavy, real time demanding and volatile-labeled challenges.


New generation streaming analytics products, such as Oscars’ GIP for Energy, have been designed to solve those problems and address the major requirements of the energy, oil and gas mining industry.

GIP 4 Energy provides a variety of valuable functionalities such as location-based spatial analysis, real time pattern recognition, machine learning probability scoring and much more. It also guarantee a lower cost implementation process, in most cases without coding, and simplistic maintenance.

Seamless integration with existing solutions makes decision-making processes more efficient while cross-referenced data (operational, contextual, geolocated or not, real time or not) make insights more relevant.


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