GIP 4 Banking

Platform dedicated to Financial Institution Management

Mobile and Internet banking as well as the advent of new financial platforms and assets are revolutionizing what used to be a rather static market. Real time has taken a new dimension in the world of retail and investment banking.


In order to keep pace with customer expectations as well as with the disruptive effects of new kids on the block, every operator needs to rethink the way they handle information, monitor their processes, anticipate trends. 

Whether it be constantly monitoring the stock trading markets, identifying buy or sell patterns, eliminating fraudulent or money laundering activities, or even designing a futuristic solution to provide a complete 360° view of customers services and relationship, information is streaming from an ever increasing pond of sources (“lake” is a more current expression).


The ability to quickly and efficiently handle, interpret and act upon events and situations is paramount. Velocity in handling huge volumes and data variety is nowadays of the utmost importance in order to eliminate fraud, increase revenue, provide relevant premium services, build accurate behavior or event profiles, and optimize the customer experience.


Former traditional database technologies and infrastructures, even those designed with the cloud in mind, were not designed to process the diversity and volume of data streaming at speeds beyond human recognition times. Proprietary solutions inherently require continuous upgrade and maintenance.


Today, commercial streaming analytics products offer a welcome solution. The Geolocation Intelligent Platform (GIP) for Banking, developed by Oscars, based on unique Oracle tools and capabilities, is a perfect illustration of what such a solution can bring to the sector. This includes instantaneous geographical services, such as location-based spatial analysis, real time pattern recognition, machine learning-based probability scoring and much more. At much lower implementation costs, in many cases without any coding development and simplistic maintenance.


GIP for Banking is meant to complement existing solutions in order to allow rapid implementation while enhancing information relevance and facilitate decision-making processes.


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