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Airport management

GIP4Airports is a decision support solution for the operational management of airports. And that, in all its components: planes, equipment, fleet of vehicles, teams, passengers, flows of all kinds.

GIP4Airports allows optimized decision making, in real time and - especially - in a timely manner, based on geolocation and events - past, present or anticipated - that are part of or influence the situation in the airport perimeter.

Its power of analysis and correlation of information, geolocalized or other, allows you to increase the number of rotations, to optimize the airport processes and your existing infrastructures and, finally, the passenger experience.

Aircraft Management

You follow the movements of the planes on the ground, their journeys, their stops, their positions. You control the timings and the unforeseen for a better management of the parking areas and logistical operations on the ground. Better orchestration and operational relevance is essential for the efficiency of your airport.

Management of the airport space in all seasons

You always have a precise vision of all your airport surfaces, their occupancy rate and their situation: parking areas, tracks, green spaces ... Example? Coordination and management of operations and snow removal teams to ensure that your airport operates optimally in all weathers.

Ground Vehicle Management

You manage your fleets of vehicles of all types, with timely notifications from activity leaders and response teams. A fast-flowing airport with no downtime is an efficient airport!

Passenger flow management

You have a real-time view of the nature and intensity of the flow of passengers in the various areas of the airport: parking, entrance hall, terminals, gates ... Essential for security, correlation passengers and aircraft flows, reception and interaction with passengers in waiting areas and in commercial spaces ...

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