Geo Intelligent Platform

The Geo Intelligent Platform provides a foundational holistic complete, dynamic monitoring and management of all events, equipment and personas for Streaming and Spatial related solutions, across the various industry solution domains.

Core to its implementation It uses, in an intelligent analytical and correlated way, any streaming data and in addition information of geolocation for those concerning any "event" (such as Financial stock trades, Retail point of sale, Transportation vehicle movements, Telecommunications Call Detail Records ...) to initiate instantaneous actions, visualizations, alerts, messages and responses that the recipients - human operators or automated systems - can use to ensure effective management of the domain.

GIP combines four powerful major components: streaming analytics, real-time mapping, decision-making dashboard and predictive potential.

It promotes real time decision-making that is relevant, contextualized and personalized according to the rules, constraints and performance indicators required for each industry solution.

Each industry segment decides on the configuration of its control screens, determines its own alerts and significant industry and/or spatial events, which trigger in real time and - especially - in a timely manner specific actions and workflows, "smart", activatable or de-activatable depending on the circumstances.

The Geo Intelligent Platform provides intelligent streaming analytical capabilities and does not just map "objects" and events. It allows company personas to correlate and cross information elements, uses objective, geolocated data to enrich the information found in various systems. It complements and reinforces pre-existing solutions.

The entire platform is customizable either by Oscars S.A. consultants or by the individual customer.

See how GIP works for you

GIP detects anomalies as they occur, or even upstream, for dynamic and relevant actions.

You define the data sources that will be correlated and enriched by the GIP information. Your data and process flows become more "smart".

This enriched data feeds your operational systems, according to your constraints and priorities, according to predetermined parameters and trigger criteria.

You configure your control screens freely in order to improve your decision making, according to KPI specific to your business and your context.